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  1. Hi. I'm looking a for F2P clan ( 100+) that does warring at gamer's grotto frequently or in the wilderness seldomly. I would prefer a clan with mature people. My Timezone : GMT+8 ( Prefer clans that are within GMT+6 - GMT+10 or clans that are active 24/7) I'm very active and would be online almost everday for at least 5-10 hours) Combat level: 121 ( Getting it to 123) Attack: 93 ( No-lifing to 99 everyday) Strength: 99 Defence: 99 Constitution: 99 Ranged: 99 Magic: 73 Prayer: 74 Previous clans: Bloodshed empire, Red Blade Hunters I'm quite low on cash atm so I hope that the clans would not mind me having not enough equipments or items for war. I have 3 full rune set, 2 green d hide set, adamant arrows, some binds, str pots, sighted bow, lots of food and berserker shield. Other notes: I'm familiar with warring styles like tanking, hugging, following piles and etc...
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