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  1. Title explains it all, I tend to get at least 1 from a harpie or dagganoth task, but are there better monsters to farm for them?
  2. To start, I hadnt played since '08 up until about two weeks ago when I decided to start again. I came out of non members with 2 mil and no quest items, as of now I've got about 8 mil worth of gear and a 3 mil cash pile. I've been farming toadflax, greens and clue scrolls to get money back but now I want to be more efficient. So, MTK, where do I put workers, how much money should I put in, how long should I wait to collect, how much profit can I expect? For quests, what are some essential ones I've missed that I should do, I've done alot of basic older ones, 171 qps right now. All my skills are 50+ aside from summoning and dung, combat is 101
  3. Currently I have about 1.4 mil, my armor is - Neit helm Amulet of Glory Torags plate Veracs skirt Berserker Ring Whip Obsidian shield Legends cape I have a dragon axe for woodcutting, the question is, what to buy next? Should I keep saving for a fury? or is there something else?
  4. I've done that quest to, all my items disappeared over the last 4 years of not playing, I ended up coming into members with about 2.5 mil. I dont know where to get the helm again.
  5. I've got the Initiate cuiriass thing, doing the slug menace quest right now so I will have the prostelyte, any investments I should make such as MTK? Or buying a good item for skilling?
  6. I havent played for 3 or 4 years, come back, do a clue scroll and bam, the GE say I landed myself 6.5 mil, is that the true value? Or is it worth more then the GE says? Also I dont have much cash, all combat skills are 70+, currently using: D legs, whip, glory, berserker helm, granite top, and not much else for combat. Doing greens and herbs on the side. What should I spend it on?
  7. I'm aware of that... So just exploring while getting money back is the way to go?
  8. That's not right, fall or summer of 08' was when I stopped. What are all the new terms? Amy tips on starting up again? I was thinking I'd do slayer to get my money back
  9. Its been at least 2 or 3 years since I've played, I stopped about 3 months after skill capes came out. Right now I'm F2P but that will change soon, I let someone else use my account and now all my members stuff is gone, so I'm sitting on 2.5 mil and some f2p skill equipment. If someone would explain where I should go from here, that would be great. All stats are 60+ aside from farming, construction, sum, and dung. Combat stats all 70+
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