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  1. the legit owner? was he german?
  2. Me and Kdizzle took like 80 runes ores per week from this guy. I remember him. ye i rly cant belive he was german, but my friend told me he fully spoke german. but yeah i found a yt channel with his name from norwegen. theres nothing about rs though..
  3. hi guys, me and my friend had a talk about rsc and how it was etc.. so he showed me this screen with the guy "xn00bxfrei" he was cb 114 in rsc and my mate told me that hes german like us. But yeah i cant realy belive him that hes german cause i never saw him on the german forums.. Did any1 of u guys know him? Im german too btw :D. hes also regristed here but without any information about his country..
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