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  1. A company is developed to make money, but a company doesn't make any money unless they can keep their consumers happy, which Jagex has failed to do via this update. I didn't imply they won't be making any more updates at all. What I said is that this development time could have been better spent on another piece of content. Auras isn't a bad idea. The game needs a new equipment slot. But witholding auras to only those who pay Jagex is frustrating. Auras could have been used for a Slayer update, a boss drop, anything but this Loyalty garbage.
  2. Loyalty Rewards have created quite the controversy, and I mean, why not? It's a huge step for Jagex in either the right, or the wrong direction, depending on how you see it. Now, I could sit here and spin out this huge, profanity driven rant. I could yell that it's RWT, I could claim Moe is 100% right in that it disadvantages people who can't or don't renew every month, but instead, I'll simply say I'm dissapointed. It appears to me Jagex has run out of originsl, unique content, and instead are trying to bribe people to become members. Between this, and then the Katana? Jagex should be giving people a reason to renew membership. Be it a new quest, an awesome looking activity, or a great looking piece of content. Instead, they've taken on this new mentality that, "Let's give people items for renewing membership!" I hate to keep playing the same broken record, but that's not the RuneScape I fell in love with. I fell in love with a game that each month produced content that appeared new and exciting. I renewed my membership because I wanted to! Not because I was getting to sword, or aura, or some special title. But now, that's exactly what Jagex is doing. Replacing content with this marketing garbage. A little piece of me died when I read this month's Behind the Scenes. It finally became clear that this isn't the RuneScape I grew to love. This is a game I don't even know anymore. I want a reason to keep renewing my membership. I want to give you my money each month, because the content looks unique and exciting, not because I'll earn points to spend in some item-shop. That's not what RuneScape was supposed to be about. It saddens me, and sickens me, that Jagex has become this dependent on increasing membership sales. I would have gladly payed an extra few bucks, even though I feel five dollars is a fair price, if it meant new content, excitiment, waking up in the mornings looking foward to whether or not there will be an update today. Instead, however, you've gone down a different path. I know this update has its supporters, I'm just not one. It upsets me, even as I type this. Not with anger, not with ill-meaning words, but with sadness, with a realization that this game has shifted away from everything I fell in love with. I just don't know how much more I can handle.
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