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  1. A.I.R - Against Immature Runescapers ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° Clan Chat Name: AIR Member Home World: 83 Free Home World: 87 ____________________________________________________________________________ »What is A.I.R? A.I.R is a community that has been up and running since August 16th, 2009. It's a community open to people who want to encounter a mature and friendly environment when they login for their daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly dose of RuneScape. You're free to come and go as you please, as this community is all about enjoying your time spent online and maybe meet a few good, equally-minded friends in the process. As it is a community dedicated to highlight a more social aspect of the game, there are no character-related requirements to join A.I.R. Thus, players of any level, F2P and P2P are welcome to join. »What does A.I.R have to offer? In addition to offering a mature and friendly atmosphere to the community, A.I.R also offers other things such as: Skill of the Week, commonly referred to as 'Sotw'. A popular competition within the community which encourages you to train a skill you normally wouldn't, alongside fellow A.I.R members. The objective is to get as much Xp as possible in the said skill over the course of the week, running Monday-Sunday. This competition is usually held twice a month. A.I.R also has an active off-site forum, hosted by nsguru. From here most of the events are hosted. However, being registered on the off-site forum is not needed to participate in any of the in-game events or competitions. Member-hosted events Hangouts and house parties »Other This community houses people from all over the world, and you can usually find someone in the chat at any hour of the day. As of this moment our busiest hours are roughly 7 PM-03 AM Game Time (BST during summers, GMT during winters). ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Whilst there may not be a whole lot of rules to keep track of, you can certainly still receive a kick if you behave wrongly. Here follows a guideline of what we expect from you if you want to be a part of the community. What's not considered to be mature: "L33t Speak" if you like speaking in l33t, A.I.R isn't the clan for you. "L33t" is extremely annoying and is considered immature. Common Internet lingo we hear everywhere is not so bad if used very sparingly, including "Haiiii". If you tend to use it, please try to keep it to an absolute MINIMUM within the chat. Using l33t is a great way to give yourself a bad image and at the extreme, a kick out of chat. Being Lazy. A.I.R members are more than willing to help each other out whenever needed. However, try to research your question before asking in the chat. Questions like "What should I train?", "Where are Green Dragons?", "How much is a SS?" are all questions that can easily be found on any help site. Occasional questions and asking for advise is one thing - asking questions like these repeatedly, spam the cc, are annoying and make you appear lazy. Along these same lines, if your borrowing/buying something from someone, it's common courtesy to go to THEIR world and THEIR location, rather then asking them to come to you. After all, they are doing you a favour. Spamming. Spamming makes it hard to see what other players are saying within the chat as well as being totally unnecessary. If you are trying to talk to someone and they don't reply the first time, try once more. If they still don't reply, give up! Saying the same thing anymore than twice is considered spam. If no reply is offered, DO NOT throw a tantrum. You can always try to PM them instead. Another Example - ***&%$##@#@##?><_*$###@@@!!!! Using foul-language and or name calling. This is common sense. If you think it might be offensive to someone, your probably right. If you not sure if you should say something, it's probably better left unsaid. No DRAMA please!! If a CC mod asks you or someone else to drop the subject - DROP IT. Attempting to 'gang up' on moderators or other people is also heavily frowned upon. If you have an issue with a moderators actions or another member, handle it with them over PMs, contact another mod if suitable. Making a scene in the CC is disruptive and doesn't help the situation at hand. Also, we are a CLAN, we stick together and should be on the same 'side'. If you're not mature enough to either let it go or talk privately with the person you have an issue with, then find another clan. If you don't like someone in the clan, put them on ignore. There is no, "It's us against her/him/them" mentality. Don't talk about how you break the rules. Whether you auto-type, share accounts or whatever it may be, there's no need to boast about it. A.I.R follows all Jagex rules. Help us protect our awesome clan. If you are a rule breaker, keep it to yourself - we don't need to hear about it. If we do, you may be removed from CC. MATURE - Common sense goes a long way. Use proper grammar and correct spelling whenever possible. Frequently, you are judged by what you say and how you say it. Be polite, respectful and mature to everyone in the CC. If you can't, search for another CC. Realize we have players from many different types of backgrounds and what may not be offensive to one player, may be to another. Think before you speak. Likewise, this is a mature chat, so if you're easily offended, this may not be the clan for you. Welcome all players, old and new alike, when they enter the chat. Include new players checking out our CC. A nice welcome and including everyone is one of the hallmarks of A.I.R and is appreciated by all. Most importantly, have FUN!! There are very few 'rules' and most are common sense/courtesy. A.I.R is a mature chat but that doesn't mean your not allowed to have fun!! Enjoy the chat!! We hope to see you in the Chat one day.
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