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  1. Videos: By Aidan and John/Sings http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJny4F5g-9k We peaked at 45 today The first round we Lost they got the best of us unfortunately. Zenith Starting:38 Zenith Ending:1 "I left the portal to prevent them from getting my kill message" IR Starting:38 IR Ending:21 ? idk Second round was our attacking round. We owned Zenith Starting: 37 Zenith Ending: 27 IR starting: 37 IR Ending: 0 We beat Ir one more time and like we won the prep. Zenith Starting: 39 Zenith Ending: 28 IR Starting: 39 IR Ending: 0 Pictures:
  2. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv1XtfnngHA Zenith F2p PK Trip Today Zenith went out and Peaked 45 Proud dedicated Members. We where happy to have our Asian Founder Neil back for his first PK Trip With us in Like 7 Months we also knew this would be one of Josh's last trips before he went on a very long vacation so we wanted to make this trip count and have constant action today ladies and gentlemen prepare to be entertained with Zenith's Saturday Pk trip topic. We started the day with rushing CP at Sperm Hill we started off strong getting on top of them with scims and just completely pushing them all around the volcano we had a good fight for about 5 minutes until TLP Crashed us from the East i know Cp had a few left but i think we earned that win lol and GJ on getting the win on us later on in our trip. Zenith vs Malice / Exiled Force / BV We started to head to Sperm Hill because we got word that EF/BV/M where all in this world and we assumed it would be one of those low level cluster that we love to hit so much :D. sure enough we rushed in just as EF and and BV went at each other we put on the steam roller and and rolled those Exiled force members we love so much right into single. Soon after Malice rushed us from sperm and gave us a good fight not and held there ground i give you guys a lot of respect we know what its like having to fight clans outside your usual circle of clans. Not going to claim any win on you because EOP/MM where nice enough to come in and clean up everything well MM did lol. This is probably our favorite fight of the day we where walking up to fight CT in a planned run in but what we found was a bunch of green cape elites at the Gap. We quickly got on top of FI and started doing damage we all knew that we where down a couple people from the start and needed to control the hill after a good fight that lasted about 10 minutes we managed to clear Fi out of the area i know skillzy is getting his finger warmed up to female dog about mains but there was a main war that same world 10 min before we started fighting and we would never go down to the limits of using mains if you can prove me wrong come PM me on irc and ill boot anyone that does that its not what we are about. Zenith vs Only Low level clan with a organ After banking we managed to find Malice a couple other times sorry we made the end of your trip kinda bad but hey at least you didn't get hit as much as EF today lol. We quickly took control of the fight and pushed Malice to single BV was there to but ran off when we rushed in, We also found Malice another time in the same spot and got our quick little hit and walked down to bank. Pictures:
  3. Zenith's Saturday Pk trip! Well tonight all we really wanted to do was go out and get some clan fight but sadly that couldn't happen, instead we got invs of loots. We managed to peak a strong 42 pull tonight and managed to do alot of work with it. The first fight of the night was against quite a few clan in a cluster. Come on IR? Less of the mains next week. Videos: Tonight we saw a new clan out called KP, aka Kaos pures. We was regrouping at GDZ when a green cape clan rushed us from the east, We was quite unorganized and spread out but still managed to pull it togethier quite easily, and started to pick of there remaining members. Well we found IR spread out on top of the maze hill we spread and rushed from single strip focusing on the clumps IR got in, We pushed IR into new gate while Outrage/WAR? rushed us from behind we ran to GDZ and got a regroup and then rushed back to maze hill to take on Outrage we quickly hit outrage from the east and wrapped around then pushing there remaining few into single. We heard IR was fighting at gdz so we headed up there to see what was happening when we got up there we found Outrage instead, we pushed them from gdz hut all the way to gap and took it from there, after a few minutes Havoc came up from the south and cleared the remaining Outrage members. We then walked to GDZ cause Havoc are cool. inb4 LOLTEAMING? After fighting in numerous clusters we decided to get a pkri with IR, it began at dwarfs we knew we were outnumbered but took on the challenge anyway, IR's mains were on our ranks the whole fight we started to loose quite significantly but being smart we called returning off and had everyone tele up to gdz at once where we re-rushed IR who were sitting at gap. after a good 10minuites of this Havoc came up and we decided to let Havoc have there fun and left with 24/30 in a fall in. Pictures: [
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