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  1. Seems like some software problems or corrupt windows files. You could download a windows 7 repair disc (pirate, pm for link, its legal, but nobody thinks it is) or use your own disc if one were branded with the computer. But i guess a reinstall is better anyway as it makes the computer swift and fast again. And i highly recommend making a full disk backup after you have installed your preferred software. This can be done in the windows 7 backup software, a bit tricky to find the right mode, but ehh. It makes reinstalling another time painless ;-)



    Aspire is from Acer, not Asus.


    Why would you do a chkdsk? If it runs good without that, you can just wait and try to troubleshoot that problem after your final as you said you'd do. Misread.


    How long do you let it run for?



    aaa wow, i failed hard on that one :D i mean the acer and asus. fuuu!


    anyway, i've let it run for the night twice (about 8-9hrs) and a few times for like 5-7hrs

    the first time i ran it, it didn't freeze and when i got on the comp in the morning it was in the "log on" screen. the second time it started looping

  2. hey all



    well in a nutshell:

    2 month old laptop

    windows 7 OS

    asus aspire 5745G i5-450M, 2,4Ghz, 4GB ram

    i think it's a hard drive problem

    chkdsk starts during every boot, though i think there's an error that happens in which it stops reading the files and loops (though it does read a lot of the files and informs that some are not readable or can't be loaded)

    what happens to my computer= if i cancel the chkdsk, computer might run laggy and programs don't respond)


    so i could accurately state my problem is there a program or something i can use to scan the hard drive or something? maybe a hi jack this log?


    might also be a virus? but not sure. AVG is showing nothing and spybot didn't find any malware..


    will rep for helpl!



    -some more info..

    I had this same problem with my old pc' date=' when the pc turns over some of the programs didn't respond when i clicked on them, and it froze about a minute after firing it up, if it didn't freeze, it would go VERY slow, and NOTHING would load. if i clicked on say Firefox, nothing would happen, it wouldn't even start loading, and sometimes it would just shut down randomly.


    this wasn't a virus, which is why ur scanner won't show anything. One of ur drivers is corrupt/not working correctly, unless u have a reinstall disk (where u wipe it clean and reinstall everything) ur options are limited to replacing the hard drive or just buying a new pc. thats #1


    Number 2, its ur fan. if ur cooling fan is blocked or broken, the cpu over heats and freezes, and nothing loads. I replaced the fan on my pc, got it for 12 bucks on ebay and replaced it myself, and it worked, but i also had to replace the cpu as it was burned out.


    so, if i were u, i'd check to see if the cooling fan is working, if yes, then u have a driver problem which COULD be fixed with a reinstall, or a new hard drive, or if u don't want to bother with any of those, just get a new pc.[/quote']


    im strongly thinking about reformatting... but only after my final on next friday :D i think i can live until that. im thinking i do have the reinstall disk. Well i didn't get it with the computer but I think i burned it myself. i might be extremely wrong though.. i chose the "create a systemic repair disc" from the backup and restore options.. should i have chosen the "create a new, full backup" ?

    or a windows reinstall disc? might have to download that somewhere..




  3. Do I qualify as oldschool yet?


    I was around for Bubsa's insanity, and I vaguely remember Viktor_Krum77 and mypurplecrayon. As well as those who still post of course.


    Not 100% if I remember you T-Roach, but it certainly has been a while. Welcome back :)


    bubsa was great , haha






    also, why I'm at it, i need laptop help :D


    can't really help with reps or anything like that on these forums :/

  4. Every time I see Darkrick post I just think how he's one step closer to leaving this place. :(


    where is he going? :confused:


    '02 here. I think I had you on MSN... and vaguely remember making a sig for you years ago, when I was into that stuff.


    i remember u brah, how's it going?


    Lots of old names have been mentioned. Brings back memories.


    I'm not sure if I remember you, but it's nice to see you're back on Tip.it. :thumbup:

    thanks brah

  5. I'm still here, but not for long. Where you been hiding anyways?


    hey rick!


    nothing much :D hiding at the bodybuilding forum misc section . and busy with school

    how are you doing brah? what do you mean not for long?


    Define old school. RS Classic? Darkwebs (?) Mafia? 2005?


    I was here since 2005, long before this 'era' of TIF. I remember people like Mypurplecrayon, Rebdragon, and Victorkrum to name a few, when they were active. Furthest I remember.


    RSC perhaps? hah i remember viktorkrum, liked his posting a lot even if it was a little rebellious

  6. that's funny because i think




    Yes, War is somtimes a good idea


    Yes, Peace is sometimes a good idea




    BEFORE you call me a hippy I guess most would use. Everyone in my family was military or close to it except for my dad. My mom is a VA nurse. I support the troops 100 percent. I tryed to join the marines. I have past depression so that didn't work out so well due to getting medical files was almost impossible for my medication when I was younger. I am not against anyone who wants peace. Love is one of the greatest things around. Most guys will disagree (I am male).






    The problem with war for every type of setting is the problem that sometimes both sides really don't want a war. I mean I really don't want a war with iran. We probably would get them to stop making weapons of mass destruction. Why risk more americans dying. Troops are not really allowed to have a political view. They work for the government i'm guessing most of them would vote republic but they are just obeying rules. Before you act like you want to go to war with a country ask some of the guys in the military how much they really like being away from there freinds, family, and even girlfreinds (if they ever get to see them again (sad reality)).




    My navy buddy just got sent to japan. He has not yet seen action and most likly won't because hes in the navy. He will be there for 2 years. My sisters husband has been to afghanastan fighting 3 times all for year long sessions and is about to go back again after his officer training is finished.


    My sister has a hard time being alone and not that she has a kid it will almost be harder for her. I told you my mom was a VA nurse earlier she tryed so hard not to get me to join the military due to mental health problems, losing a limb, risk of dying, ect. She see military personal who are retired now all the time who have tons of problems and have lost there buddies.




    That is my part on why peace is good sometimes. Missing a ton but creating a general idea.




    Why WAR is a GREAT idea sometimes.


    War should be a very sensitive topic it shouldn't be said that we should pave over there country after we nuke them. Cmon guys do you really want to kill all of them that badly? Thats like saying i'm going to kill your whole family and make your house a street. I mean you look like a wuss saying that (I am calling this immature becuase I used to think this way).


    Genocide seems like the answer sometimes but rarly has a good outcome. Every country that has thought genocide was a good idea has failed and was over taken by many different countrys. Germany used to be America. They were the world power taking out tanks 10-1 during ww2.




    WW2 was best time for the world to step in and stop and thats what made America a world power. I mean I hear the jew jokes all the time those are so boring, same with the yo momma jokes. Jews have a right to live no matter how much you guys hate it. I am personally christian so flaming me with jewish jokes won't hurt me (just make you look stupid).


    six and half million jews were exterminated. This is always a good time to step in and help.




    This war does make the U.S. look like a bully but for the most part there was some genocide by Saddam Hussien. This really started after a assination attempt in 1982 on Saddum. Every country that trys to control the world will fail. Thats a problem with this country but we don't force people to live under our rule. I understand that if were there during the voting system is undergoing we do pose a threat to them still. We know we don't want to kill those kind of people but those poeple are so confused right now. In America we are not told what to think like many communistic countries. So when you say things like peace will work are you kidding me? It will not always work. African children are being recruited into fighting at age 10. This is happening more and more aroundn the world now. They don't know the meaning of peace only life and death. So explaining peace to them would be really hard. We don't want to kill all of them but they should have more of a choice.

  7. (oh yes, its another thread like this.. :D)




    hey guys : )




    well im going on a cruise to stockholm on friday and i'll have the saturday afternoon there with some friends.


    I was just wondering if u guys know some 2nd hand stores that sell european designer (as in Prada, Versace, Dolce&Gabbana etc) clothing/accesorries.




    I know Louis Vuitton and Versace have their own stores there but still looking for more :)




    I heard the "birger jarlsgatan" is a good place to go. any others? :)




    -Happy holidays

  8. mhmmm let me see




    i too got my first GF :D but broke up after 2 months


    got into serious girl playing, im serious, i have about 5 girls around me


    right now i could have as my girlfriend


    did the best trip of my life, interrailing in europe with 2 friend <3


    mhmmm senior year, lots of stress


    made a great deal of new friends




    im more interested in fitness/bodybuilding than ever


    spent a lot of money on fashion designer clothes.. :D

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