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  1. Update: Just built new forums, check them out- link is in original post.
  2. TORMENT 110+ F2P to Apply MEMBERLIST FORUMS IRC(SwiftIRC): #rs-torment __________________________________ REQUIREMENTS 110+ F2P Cmb 10+ Rune sets at all times Teamspeak 3 Active on forums and IRC Willingness to get Dungeoneering items ____________________________________________________________________ About TORMENT This is the current rebirth of Torment(Re-opened June 2011), being led by Sepisonfire, who previously led Torment back in 2006 and 2007. For those of you who have not heard of us; we have been around before and closed because of the wilderness being shut down. We had done quite well and created a very stable and high quality clan, even breaking into the top 20 at one point. We are a F2P pking only clan, nothing organized for P2P unless a few members go out by themselves. We are primarily a late EST (USA) and Australian warring clan. However, if you are GMT and can make it work (we have had a couple) then that is perfectly fine. We are more weekend-based than some of the other clans, although this does not mean we will not have mid-week pk's and wars. We try and schedule a couple events a week, and make sure the time zones work to where everyone can have a decent chance at attending at least one of them. Currently we have a very solid core of old school members and are looking to grow with quality members. We want quality members that can contribute, not just names and numbers on a memberlist. Our community is extremely laid back and not overly concerned about you making every single event. We realize that there is life outside of RuneScape, and that is perfectly fine. All we ask is that you make an attempt to stay active, and if knowingly think you will be going somewhere, just let a leader know. The community of Torment has always been a great place to be. There are no over-the-top rules and moderation of the forums and IRC. We all just play RuneScape for fun, we don't make it a work-environment. We aren't a clan looking for crazy 5 hour wars nor will we return endlessly. We play to have fun and it is pretty casual, no hardcore wars that will take endless hours that result in a draw. However this does not mean we don't take wars seriously or strive to win each of them. Don't take us for a clan that is just opening and hasn't a clue what is going on. This is nothing new for Torment. We are a very respectable clan that can hold our own man for man. ____________________________________________________________________ What we DO Wars Casual PKs Dungeoneering __________________________________ Why join us? Previous top 20 Experienced Quality skill level Laid back Great community Multiple Timezones __________________________________ Next steps- 1. Register on Forums 2. Post intro 3. Download Teamspeak, Irc, prepare bank 4. Apply 5. Stay active on IRC and Forums __________________________________ Questions? Contact in game- or come join us in IRC! Leader: Sepisonfire Acidfx06-Official SCATinTHEhat-Official
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