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  1. I'd like to address Crocefisso, author of the article "The Impossible Balance." First, a bit of constructive criticism. Your tone and writing style were abrasive. The first time I started to read your article I didn't finish because your harsh, rude tone irritated me and reminded me of those political commentators who make their point by bashing their opponents with scathing remarks that lack any true wit. I resumed reading your article after a friend mentioned to me that you directly insulted those who think differently than you on the issue of free trade and player vs. player wilderness. I wanted to be sure this was the case and it was. Calling those who think differently than you morons is simply not okay. Again, this is the same tactic as many political commentators who use name-calling to garner the support of the dim-witted and try and undermine their opponents when they have no true arguments to back them up. I quite like the elements of free trade and player vs. player wilderness myself. It makes the game more interesting and more like the fantasy worlds it is trying to emulate. You see, in most of these worlds (and in the middle ages, a time many fantasy worlds, including runescape, are modeled after) free trade with friends and neighbors is quite a common occurrence as is the concept of being attacked by those that would kill you for your possession or in an attempt to prove themselves stronger or better than others. It is quite understandable that there are those players who would want to engage in these behaviors as they can enrich their game playing experience. For those who do not enjoy such activities the solution is simple: don't engage in them. If you don't wish to trade with individual players outside the avenue of the grand exchange don't. Likewise if you don't wish to kill random players in the wilderness to take their items don't, and don't take anything you can't afford or don't wish to lose with you when you go there and exercise caution in your explorations. As a relatively new player (I only started playing in May) this is my strategy when I visit the wilderness. I bank all of my items before entering, and do not explore too deeply on my own. There is plenty more to explore in the world of runescape that is safe at my level after all. If you don't like these features of runescape, don't try and ruin them for those who do. Instead focus your energies else where. Perhaps you could try dealing with the problems of poverty and hunger in the real world instead of pouring so much into something that is, in the end, just a video game. But then again that's just my opinion, and unlike Crocefisso I don't insult those with opinions then my own. Everyone is, after all, entitled to their own opinion.
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