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  1. Got my account back, lost all my cash :( HELPPPPP
  2. ahhh....fook lol. it wasnt real, and yeah it did inspire the lost city.
  3. Hey guys.... It's been a while. Used to be the Tip.it team leader and what not :) Anyways, just wanted to see what was new. The new RunescapeHD looks awesome. I wanna come back and play, but it seems my account either got hijacked or ive totally forgotten the password. Fingers crossed that I can actually get it back, but i doubt it lol. Let's see. So, whats the haps?
  4. Anyone play on the Azjol Nerub server? If ya do, I've got a 60 Rogue with all my tier 1 and some of my tier 2 armour set. Raid pretty hardcore. Oh, and my epic weapons. If you wanna meet up ingame, send me a PM on here and we'll organise something.
  5. Hi guys, long time no speak! First of all.. my PC will boot and the screen won't display, So I changed the video card and still, nothing happened. I then changed the mainboard.. and still, nothing happened. Please guys, Does anyone have an idea what the problem may be?
  6. this thread made me laugh haha..
  7. my computer meets the reqs.. i think it could be overheating.. but, im running the computer with the case off, etc..
  8. Hey again.. I am trying to play WoW and I keep getting problems, which I think could be related to my graphics card.. Sometimes the screen just freezes, but i can still move the cursor.. just nothing else moves. Sometimes the computer just reboots itself and sometimes the game just crashes. I have a Geforce 4 Ti 4200 .. I don't know what the problem could be. Thanks alot.
  9. Anyone know where I can download the latest driver? All my games keep crashing :(
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