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  1. My runescape username is superfllyyy atm I first started to enjoy clan warring when i used to in the early days be a general in viking ships w141 massive clan. we used to have good wars with the old w141 clans such as holy invoker, soulja melle etc. i was then in his first official clan led by viking ship and his generals called vikings dynasty, that then turned into elite kingdom, after i was hacked for about a year and when i got my account back i joined a small community/clan called iconic knights. After a short period of time there i wanted to gain more experience in tanking and wanted to experience more exciting and competative wars so through a friend i joined dv which im sure some of you guys have herd of as they were in twr. Then i left rs for a bit due to things goin on irl, and just recoverd my account i think 5days ago. my current combat stats are 85 att 86str 99def 91hp 60prayer 72magic, my only problem is i cant download teamspeak or anything like that as my bro set something on my computer that doesnt allow me 2 download anything, in the past ive asked him if i can but its always a no. i dont mind joining a team as im just back 2 rs as a casual player to play for fun mainly for the fun of clan wars. thanks for reading and ur time (im f2p mainly btw)
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