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  1. This is going to be a PVM clan and im trying to get founders right now so there is no requirements and i want 2 find some good founders and we all will sit down and figure out everything. i realy dont know what else to say and thats why i want some good people to help me found and awesome clan. right now i am a low level and i have f2p and thats because i just got hacked on my old main so i will be getting members and getting my combat up. so please help me found a clan and if yall want i can even make a forum.
  2. I think they should have a bank for u when ur doing each floor but only when u solo it
  3. I would have to say these three Tree gnome village, the grand tree, and monkey madness
  4. hey

    i was wondering if i could ask u a few questions and if u could mybe be my mentor on giving me advice on training thank u man and u r a kick ass player

  5. Hey tip.it its fr0stcha0t1c and i am looking for a clan here is a picture of my skills Right now i am a skiller till i get some of my non combat up and then i will get members when i get members i will get some more of my non combat skills up. after i do that i will start getting combat in and working on maxing. What i am looking for in a clan here is a list and if u dont have wats on the list then dont post Clan forum in the forum alot of topic and i diary so i can post what i did to look back later alot of pvming good players people i can be friends with thank u
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