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  1. hey i need to buy rune large,rune kite,dont have much cash but i can pay some in herbs and runes with gold.aight just mesage me on keelercrunch for any more info
  2. pretty rough on keeler,only 86 att,80 def,96 str 89 hits.nothing special.Whats going on
  3. hey ima chill on clasic for a few days to see who gonna be on and whats going on with classic,ill be on keelercrunch,message me if you are an old friend cuz i miss all my old homies.
  4. yes you are correct,when i quit i sold praaaaaaaaay and crunch killa because no need to have them go to waste,and yes i never autoed on any of my characters,praaaaaaaaay only had 10 def when i had him still,and had 95 or 99 attack(dont remember) and 99 strength with 89 or 90 range.in the time of pb's i was one of the best because of pure pking skills and as i had really high if not the highest pb stats when i retired,daakpunk was another very good pker at the time and is a very good and true friend of mine,if anyone else deserves credit for being one of best it is him. desire was also a good pb and maybe should have a spot in top 10 and he had alot of skills.dont remember many others because has been soo long since i played.i just wanna make sure everyone else knew i was not a cheater and my name remains clean.sorry about posting on this old ass topic but i was looking over forum topics and i havent been on these forums in atleast 6-8 years.thank you hohto for defending my honor and always being a friend.and ty to others as well who stood up for me
  5. C'Mon guys how can all of you forget me in top pke's, on Crunch Killa i was first pure to hit 99 hp,whene full rune was finally available i had almost a thousand sets untill that email scam came out that stole your pw's.alot of people got hit with that scamm.i know meili remembers me and how could you not bring up my name?or my prayer beast praaaaaaaaay,if any of you think i dont belong on list for top pkers i think i might shoot myself because i had so much to show for it.Fook A Ji,Thug Style,Levi,And most of you others if you think about it you know what i was capable of,skill wise and stat wise.
  6. whats up everyone,i just happen to be bored and checking forums for first time in years, who remembers me crunch killa?thuggy there?whas up man,FOOK A JI where have you been,still playing rs?hi mythical.HAHAH i see kobe too its bringing back too many good memories of when i was younger.just reply me if you think it is worth going back to classic.PZ
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