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  1. Just Signed up after my long absence from the game, which was before they got rid of Pking/free trade. Anyway on topic.. 1. Fear figment, an inspiration to many pkers from 2005-2007. Made the G maul fashionable and a staple in any melee pkers arsenal. Videos where way ahead of that time and the original pk vids got over 100000 views. Reposted videos are still available on you tube, up there with the best mahatma, 3 hit u, kids ranqe. 2. Chessy018, Famously hacked by members of FOE a clan i was in coincidently many years ago. Was arguably the richest player in runescape and created the flipping clan under her name. The clan who buy out an item " The item of her choosing of course" and made $$$. Say what you may about her ruthless business like tactics, a player who will be up their in terms of fame. Her corny Video remains on youtube of her story.
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