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  1. We are True Eclipse, a brand new clan for people who love to have fun. Our main types of events include Skilling events, such as group agility training, Minigames like Fishing Trawler and Castle Wars, and PvM/ Boss Fighting such as fighting the GWD Bosses or the KBD. We also like to do City Burnings and Cabbage Bombing events. True Eclipse is a F2P and P2P with events geared towards both. This is mainly a EST zone clan, but our members tend to be flexible to most time zones. Our clan is about team work, character building (both RS characters and RL), and just plain having fun. Our Staff is very active, and our members are friendly. Because we are still new, now is the best chance to get in because you will have a voice in which direction the clan goes in. If you hate agility and want to do more Runecrafting events, then we listen to you. I you want more F2P events, we will also take that into consideration. The best part of our clan is that we listen to our members, and decide things based on what the clan wants as a whole. But don't take my word for it, come see for yourself at the True Eclipse forums. You can also visit our Clan Chat at True Eclipse.
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