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  1. With the EoC update, disease was removed from the game. As such, Relicym's balm is no longer particularly useful for fighting zogres, *however* Uglug Nar still needs it to open up shop. The Crumble Undead spell has also been removed from the game. Instead, zogres and skogres are now quite vulnerable to Fire spells. As always, thank you for your hard work, tip.it staff! <3 Edit: Looking closer, part 11 of the guide also mentions Crumble Undead, so that should be modified, as well. Edit2: Yes, players are still expected to provide a cure for the (now purely narrative) "sickies".
  2. Nice tip. I'll have to give it a try. Thank you.
  3. The Unstable Foundations quest no longer seems to exist. It was the old tutorial, so I always want to click it (since I'm beyond tutorial level). Naturally, that results in my QP count being off. Perhaps we can archive that for historical or nostalgic purposes, but it doesn't need to stay on the quest list. Thanks for your work, tip.it staff! <3
  4. Same issue for me. It cropped up suddenly, as the quest list and calculator always worked well before. I wonder if it has something to do with the adventurer's log lookup option being added. Update! :: I've got a workaround, until the issue is resolved. If you click on the individual quests, you can then click the little "Mark quest as done" link to the upper right. Refresh the quest list to see changes, but don't try saving on the list... that seems to undo everything.
  5. The link that should take us to the Off-hand mithril scimitar instead leads to the Off-hand steel sword. It also has the picture for the latter item in the table. Please, take a look: http://www.tip.it/ru...mithing/mithril The link and image for Iron sheet are instead displaying Cooked crab meat, here: http://www.tip.it/ru...s/smithing/iron
  6. The passes no longer exist, of course, but some quest guides still mention them. Tourist Trap and Desert Treasure, for sure - possibly others. It would be good to revise these so newer players aren't confused.
  7. Another tip I'd like to add for this quest: the Falador and Port Sarim lodestones are in very convenient locations. They may be even close than the cabbage patch and, of course, require no items in your inventory.
  8. On the Prayer Guide, the note for the Divine spirit shield says that only 5% of removed damage is drained from prayer. I believe that this was meant to be 50%, perhaps? It would be an easy typo to make. Otherwise, a lovely guide, as I have come to expect from the tip.it crew. EDIT: Upon further thought, I suppose this must be a remnant from the pre-"prayer point" days. The item database entry also says 5%, so I'll submit a correction there as well.
  9. I just have a few grammatical nitpicks to present. :D In the Apparatus and Pickpocketing section, it says: "As such, you may wish to avail other players of their apparatus by pickpocketing them." This is not, I think, correct use of the word "avail". In this context, it is saying, "you may wish to make their apparatus useful to other players by pickpocketing them." This makes little, if any, sense. Probably a more meaningful thing to say would be: "you may wish to relieve other players of their apparatus by pickpocketing them." Or alternatively: "you may wish to avail yourself of other players' apparatus by pickpocketing them." Hmm, I thought I had something else to complain about, but perhaps not. I'll leave you be for now. :)
  10. Did the crew show any interest? They probably have a lot on their plates, but I'm just curious as to where this has gone.
  11. The sort by stats function of the database is something that I mostly just have an academic interest in, since my character is of middling level. Even so, it would be nice to be able to quickly compare equipment on the basis of damage absorption. I'm not sure if this is in the works, but I thought I'd bring it up.
  12. Nope they don't Rag and boneman did in the past, but not now anymore. Yes, I checked that on the Runescape Wikia before I posted my response there. They seem pretty good about keeping up to date.
  13. Unless I'm mistaken, neither the optional wishlist for Rag and Bone Man, nor for Fur 'n' Seek give quest points. This would make them in all ways comparable to the Buyers and Cellars capers, as far as I can see. My main concern remains making it easier to note which capers have and have not been done, for those who use the database as a handy checklist.
  14. Looking at the quests database, I am pleased to see that the various sub-quests on Recipe for Disaster can be ticked off separately. This makes it wonderfully easy to take note of what I've done and haven't done, so I can remember to get back to it later. The same is true for Rag and Bone Man, as well as, Fur 'n' Seek. The Buyer and Cellar capers are much the same as these. Each of them has different requirements and you can have completed the first couple without necessarily completing all of them. What I propose is simple: in the quests database, allow us to tick off each part individually, rather than just the whole series.
  15. On the Fairy Ring Map, BIP is shown as "Salve Island (Dead End)". It doesn't show up on the lists there or on the Getting Around guide. I don't know if this is a recent change, but there's definitely a bridge from the island that provides easy access to the Mage Training Arena. I think that's worth noting on the map and guide. Additionally, there's an odd cave there. I'm kind of a newb, so I have no idea what it is. Here's a screenshot of me checking it out, to no avail. The bridge I mentioned can be seen on the minimap. EDIT: Okay, I should have done this earlier, but here you have it. I looked up "Strange Voice" on the RuneScape Wiki and found out the cave is apparently a teaser for the upcoming Slayer location, the Polypore Dungeon.
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