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  1. After the update to death plateau quest. Tenzing appears to be replaced by an NPC named Freda. Who will help you find the Trollweiss flowers. http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j309/mickeyd69/freda.jpg
  2. I just finished "The Elder Kiln" and noticed that the order of the rooms given in the guide were not the ones I had gotten. The tokkul and Toktz-xil-ul were in the second room for me along with the monsters described in the second room. It is my understanding that the caves are random as is the formula with the scales.
  3. In the mini quest after "Missing my Mummy" it states that you give Ali Morrisane sq'irk juice to receive thieving experience. But it is Osman you give the juice to receive thieving experience from.
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