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  1. Ive been busy with school work recently and have more to do but I'll try and fit in some runescape tonight :)
  2. 'Spose you could say that :P Still stuck as for what to do haha
  3. I decided to start tackling some of the quests. First up Restless Ghost! :P
  4. 32 Runecrafting! :D Im still debating what to do now though :P Also 200 Total Level :rolleyes:
  5. I finished my coursework and i have a litle bit of time tonight to play RS. Just got 51 Woodcutting and I dont know what I will be doing tonight :P
  6. Sorry guys i got sidetracked by youtube and didnt get round to RS. I have coursework tommorow to do and the next 3 days after im with my aunite and cousin. I promise I'll try and get on next week :P
  7. Yeah I haven't played much past two days. I'll do some woodcutting tonight =)
  8. Spending tonight and tommorow with a friend - Sorry for the lack of RS'ing guys :P
  9. Just hit 55 Fishing and I'm stopping there. I figured the money from it would be enough to start RC. So in the next couple of days I will be training Runecrafting =)
  10. @Levine1996 - No, I'm just going to sell them raw. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry for the delay but 60 fishing will be another couple of days. Iv'e spent these past few days with my friends.
  11. Currently training fishing to 60 on lobsters for money, I should update again sometime in the next 1 or 2 days :P
  12. Just got 50 fishing. Off to bed now im knackerd. No clue what I will be doing tommorow :P
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