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  1. But If you need to remake the suit you need a clockwork, then at the end you need the stuff to make the dwarves penguin suits. There should be like a double section of items needed for those who need to remake their clockwork penguin suit and for those that still have it. :cool: For example Items needed: 8silk, 4 planks, needle, and thread. For those who misplaced their penguin suit you will need additional supplies to remake it. (1 clockwork, 1 silk and 1 plank) Just for once something that makes your site a little more convenient to get quest supplies without hopping pages to find out exactly what you need to bring with you while you're questing. ~King Plox~
  2. In your guide you guys forgot a simple thing in the items needed not that it is a big thing but if someone was just going off of your guide they would forget to bring a "clockwork" when building their new penguin suit. ~King Plox~
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