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  1. A reminder to all Tip.it Times readers: go enter the Finish-the-Fictional contest revolving around A Hundred Heavy Hearts! You still have time, and the rewards are lucrative... a custom Tip.it Forum title? Two weeks of RuneScape membership? And possibly more... to be announced. :) Submit your entries!
  2. ...And we have our first entry! Good luck to all participants :)
  3. Good luck to everyone involved! There is plenty of time left, so we hope to see lots of entries. I know that the community has some fantastic writers out there, so now is the time to show off your skills. :)
  4. Call to action! Do you have some free time and a willingness to contribute to the Tip.it Times? If so, contact me and submit your own crossword puzzles! I'm not the most creative person, so any help I could get would be very much appreciated. :)
  5. We've been running short on DYK Facts for a while, so if you can think of any, please submit them! We will definitely appreciate it! :) As for the crossword, I considered anything assigned by Kuradal to be "high level" although other criteria could be used. I'm definitely not the best at coming up with these clues every week, so if you can create some awesome clues, I would really appreciate the help. :P
  6. I believe I made the crossword puzzle especially difficult today. Please try it out and leave some feedback. :)
  7. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the crossword puzzle! This will be a weekly feature, so drop by every week to solve the latest ones. I promise you that there will be harder ones, but if you're not satisfied with the challenge, why not create your own? Instructions are listed in tripsis's post. I would also like to point out that if you are stuck on a word, you can click on the "Solve" button.
  8. I just wanted to add that I probably had close to zero posts when I joined the Editorial Panel. When you apply, all we look at is the writing, not the name. The Editorial Panel is definitely a cool place to be - come hang out with us! :)
  9. Will income/hour be factored in as well?
  10. You guys have given me some nice ideas for next week's edition! Thank you. :)
  11. The second article for this week is missing from the Tip.it Times page. Please don't forget to read Alg's Three Days as an Undercover Roleplayer! Edit: Tripsis fixed it with her awesomeness. :)
  12. Ladies and gentlemen, we have officially traveled back in time to one month ago! :)
  13. Investing in an item in hopes that the item will rise carries an inherent risk. If you invest in an item, you should accept that risk. I really don't feel it is necessary for the Tip.it Times to start placing disclaimers about how we're not responsible for any losses, etc.
  14. If the game is populated by veterans, then we have to look at why we do not have a strong influx of newer players. Personally, I believe the biggest aspect which causes newer players to quit is simply the community, the atmosphere. This may be my nostalgia talking, but when I was a newbie, tons of higher level players helped me out, guiding me through the Black Knights' Fortress, leading me to certain locations, etc. Nowadays, such help is not necessary (the in-game World Map and Quest Markers, Home Teleports, and you can earn full Adamant in 1 day). The flip side is that newer players are not offered as much help and feel more isolated. Those are just my thoughts, and I could probably write an article about that.
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