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  1. Hi, No, sorry to say, but I did not do that. I was thinking someone else would get the same drop and thereby confirm it, it did not hit me to do that, but now thinking about it, i know i should have, cause by the frequenscy of how often this happens ( just guessing here ) it seems it can go a long long time until it happens again. But dont worry, if it does happen again, i'll make that screenshot and post it.
  2. Today i got in drop, as i checked my "shaking box" containing a caught Pawya, a single papaya tree seed. its possible others have got this too, but i must admit i havent taken the time to read through that much yet, so its unknown to me wheather this is completely new to you all or not. anyways, you probably want someone else to confirm this before posting this discovery for everyone to see in the hunter skill section, or maybe this is the confirmation you needed. glad to help out anyways. happy hunting rgds, Hobby
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