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  1. Those are my skills, I'm looking for a active-social-mature clan. ~~ Please Post here and not send messages VIA inbox as I will ignore those. ~~ Thanks.
  2. Fenty

    Money Money Money

    N'aw i'm sorry for your loss! - If that happened to me i'd be unhappy about it too. - Jagex doesn't help out giving items back due to people faking a hack or scam and trying to get money for free. (-: There's always one that spoils it for the needy.
  3. Hihi Tip.it community. ^-^ I'm Lauren, it's nice to meet you all! I haven't made a Tip.It forum account before O.o but I thought sure why not, i'm sure there's some amazing people here to meet and learn from. - I'm seventeen :-). Have played runescape til 2006ish, so pretty good in that department, if you know what I mean. =D. - I hope to meet some nice people here, and exchange my knowledge with others. ^-^ Meeeow.
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