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  1. A surplus of knowledge never hurts I suppose, but It's really the only exception. :)
  2. Hello to all who decided to read this introduction. I am Jackward, or Jack for short, as it is my irl name. For those of you who don't know me yet, or already do, I have been a member of EoE since last October. I have recently quit RuneScape (Semi-retired actually) due to a surplus of terrible internet that tends to drop my connection every now and then making RS unplayable. I will probably try to fix this when I finish my exams over the next couple of weeks. Why did I decide to make an account here? Well... I have enjoyed my short time in EoE, and would like to be able to communicate with my fellow clan members without having to log in to RuneScape. A little background info about my RS life: I started playing back in 2006, known to some as the glory days of RuneScape. Over the years of playing I have been grinding, leveling up, and making friends along the way. After a couple years of playing, I had achieved what was really my only goal at the time, which was getting a Quest Cape. Shortly after getting this, I quit for 7 months. After rejoining RS, I found a community(Forum) that I really enjoyed and made even more friends, and eventually became a moderator. (I never actually got an answer to this, but I think this forum branched off from Tip.it, but I'm not sure.) About a year after joining this forum, it ended up dieing due to hackers. I ended up joining EoE and made some more acquaintances, but not what I would consider friends, but I still like everyone. I quit a few months later due to complications with my internet which I explained earlier, and boredom from RS. I am thinking about playing RS again but the recent updates, like the armor changes and that "Whatever" of Fortune things, are turnoffs. My stats (Incase you were wondering): That's a little about me.
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