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  1. As far as i can tell from Mod Posts on the RSOF, it's going by current membership period. I think it was Mod Mark who used the example of "If you have been a member for the entire period up until now from the 25th of May 2011, you'll get in." Not worded exactly like that, but with the same meaning. That date was also an example, not the real due date. (Which I believe is set when you apply for the BETA.) Thanks for the clarification, much appreciated ^_^
  2. Hmmm sorry if this has been asked before but I do want to know this. I was a member since around 2006/2007 until around 2010 and then I took a break from rs and slowly coming back to it and read about the combat change. Is this based on the current member status based off the forums or do past players who have been members for a long period of time before and may have taken a break can participate in beta too. Sorry for the dumb question - AznSensei
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