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  1. The articles this week were good, but quite different than usually, more technical, kinda. The fish mask one was well thought-out, but maybe overthinking too much, I mean the fact if it will become rare or not won't change the game, unless Jagex plans on releasing this kind of item every month or so (which I really hope they won't). I think in time it will become a rare as well, that's just what happens if supply ends. The game theory article was interesting, but pretty off-topic, seeing as the times is kinda about the game and this was just translating some theories to Runescape-terms/setting. I liked the Dungeoneering article, made me think. In my opinion, Jagex could quite easily integrate the resources into the game. For example, you could make dungeoneering fish appear at fishing spots (maybe special ones in special caves) and add a dungeoneering level requirement. That way, if you train your dungeoneering too, you can get more variety and better fish to fish. Or make dungeon resources appear in the resource dungeons. Add the ores and metals with dungeoneering requirements to mine, smith and wield. This way, beginning players also get some fun in choosing and getting the best combination for them as armour/weapon choices will be more complex than just getting the full set of the next metal. Making it possible to instance bosses makes them more excessible and I think changing the drop table mechanism to make sure lvl 50's don't get dragon drops shouldn't be too much of a task. I like dungeoneering, more as a minigame than as a skill, but if you could use/train it in other ways, that would make it way more interesting.
  2. I get how you feel, I'm mostly a solo-player to. But if the QBD would be like dungeoneering, it would be levelled, so also solo-able. And the main point was that dungeoneering could be more integrated, which seems a very good idea to me.
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