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  1. Training agility didn't happen, cause I didn't have too much time to play. I'm taking my final exams the day after tomorrow so I spend most of my time learning :/ I did some slayer and some dging, which was kinda fun so I might stick with it for some days. [spoiler=current stats/ 600 total] See you soon :)
  2. Didn't play that much but I've got this: [spoiler=Tourist Trap/27 agil] Now my plan is to get more agility levels, cause I'm not satisfied with my run energy. (got used to 99 agil on my main.. :/)
  3. Thanks, hope I'll have this luck with this acc for a long time :rolleyes: Yesterday I got my first milestone cape, herblore was the hardest skill to get to 10. [spoiler=The cape] And I got my first level 30 skill (after that I got 32 smith from The Knight's Sword but forgot to screen) [spoiler=Attack] Goal for today: nothing special, I have to learn a lot and dont have too much time... but maybe all skill 20+ :P
  4. I forgot to post yesterday evening, but it doesn't really matter. I did some skilling and slayer and some quests, I'm almost at 400 total levels. :shades: My next goal is all skills 10+ for my first milestone cape, I just have to find out are bronze nails good for construction... :unsure:
  5. Thank you very much! :) I'll do it but I need 20 smith first, which I might do tomorrow. Did some skilling today. [spoiler=Current stats] And did some quests too but nothing too big, I'm at 43 qp atm. When I gathered the 25 bones for Demon Slayer a goblin dropped a clue, which I did right after the quest. [spoiler=Reward] Tomorrow I'm going to have and english exam in the morning so I'm not going to play that much. My goals for tomorrow are 20 smith and Tourist Trap for the agil xp.
  6. Hi everyone! After watching some of the topics on this forum I started a new DIY account. :) My rules are quite the same as other's: Not using the Grand Exchange No trading with other players (Shield of Arrav and Heroes' Quest are the only example) Not picking up other's drops Minigames allowed Dg items allowed, but only dging solo (might change it later) NPC shops allowed, but no player stock No skill assists Squeal of Fortune allowed [spoiler=Starting stats] [spoiler=Completed quests at start] [spoiler=First special item I've got from SoF] Current goal: Im only questing and doing tasks now, but I'm thinking of doing 30-40 agility cos my run energy is always at 0% and its kinda annoying Hope you aren't bored of DIY accounts already :unsure:
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