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  1. I took a small break from RS and am just now coming back. I decided to go back to P2P because I always had more fun in that. Trying to figure out good ways to make money and maybe also raise some skills. Anything is helpful!
  2. I haven't played RS in quite some time. Probably close to a year. I am just getting back into it, YIKES! For right now I am F2P and need some good ways to make money. I do plan on becoming a member again, just not right this second. So member ways would also be helpful. My stats are: 76 atk, 74 str, 75 def, 70 rng, 70 mage, 68 mine, 59 smith, 78 fish, 75 cook, 61 craft, 64 fletch, 59 slayer, 68 wood, 52 fire Thanks guys/gals!
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