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  1. Bump, thread updated with some latest information.
  2. New leaders : Zarcoe and i3ad have joined, we also now have a citadel which ticks on Thursdays at 13:00 GMT+0.
  3. Welcome to Prodigy PvM 115+ A bossing, Dungeoneering and Skilling clan About us Founded on Sunday 22nd of July, it has great ideas, fair rules, and a can do attitude. Prodigies are special, and are very motivated to be the best, through the thick and thin this clan will progress to compete with even the best, and hopefully earn a place in the top 100 clans of Runescape. We have very dedicated leaders to making this clan a mature, friendly and good place to be, regardless of your age. We don't want to discriminate just because you're younger, however please note we expect a level of maturity that must be obtained, this is the internet, age isn't an excuse. Our motto is a community based motto, where we know to stick together even during rough times. The prodigies, created alone, built together. There will be no such thing as "mandatory events" or rules about "10 events per month" This is something that could make or break the clan, however I realise that people have their own personal lives, and beliefs to live. And therefore we will not be taking part in any future PvP clan competitions unless the player base of the clan vote for it. How are the higher ranks added? Overseers will be voted in by popular vote, and overseers will not be chosen until at least 50 members are in the clan for 1 month, this way we can get an idea for who is best for what. Positions available : Head of PvM, Head of Skilling, and Head of dungeoneering. There will also be a member of the month, where 1 member will be chosen per 100 members in the clan, with a maximum of 5 members of the month. These players will each win 1mill each, which seems like a small amount, but it's obtained by just being a consistant, polite and nice clan member, and who would complain about a free 1000k? What events will this clan aim to participate in? I don't want to limit people to certain events, but we will be holding PvM, Skilling and dungeoneering competitions, however nothing is currently confirmed as the clan will decide as a whole on what they would like to compete in. Current PvM bosses that I can lead : Nex Corp Bandos Sara Zamorak Armadyl Mini bosses: KBD Mole Current PvM bosses that I've not been to leading a team : Tds Dks KQ As I'm still currently setting up the clan, more information will be added shortly, and we will have a Ts3 voice server as well. Not mandatory to use or join, but it's much safer than skype as it can be moderated by trustworthy specific people. There is currently no clan site, as I've had no HTML experience. The clan requirements : Lieutenant (EXTREME MEMBER - BRONZE STAR) 130+ 2 combat 99's (summoning is accepted as a 99 combat skill) 85+ Dung 91+ Herb (MUST HAVE OVLS via STEWS) (90 herb accepted if proof of ovls) 88+ Summoning and all of 130+ basic requirements. Full member (3 stripes) : 130+ Combat 94+ attack 94+ Strength 94+ defence 69+ Summoning OR Junior Member (2 stripe) : 120+ combat 89+Attack 89+Strength 89+defence 67+ Summoning OR Young member (2 stripes) : 115+ combat with 80+ Attack 80+ Strength 80+ Degence 70+ Ranging 70+ magic 60+ Summoning 50+ dungoneering (Can be lower, discuss with Admin+) 110+ RANGER MEMBER 90+ Range 69+ Summon 90+ Magic We have a running website, which is www.prodigypvm.enjin.com as well as a teamspeak 20 slot server which can be upgraded. Please note my website is not a free cheap version, and can be updated in multiple ways. Quick find code: 92-93-639-63898474
  4. Looks like an incredible community based clan with an impressive history. The clan is older than my Runescaping time, that's for sure. Good luck with further recruitment.
  5. Haha, don't worry about it. I would have got around to making sure I was up to date and understood all the forum rules, but I appreciate your reply, as it gives definite boundries. Just created my signature for these forums (It was previously for my old clan, however, I only had to remove cape and name layers, and reapply with the new ones :)) Thanks for the warm welcome. Edit: Just music involved in this video, and the music is safe for minors. I created this video for my previous clan, Silent Knight PvM 135+ Who are ranked 7th overall, however I've had to move on from that clan. My signature and that video shows what I can do with videos, advertisements, and creating clan signatures. Although I'm far from perfect, It's an example to show I will be dedicated to my new clan, and hopefully some people will join me :) [spoiler=Video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD32kaKSXDY
  6. Hello all, First off, Tip.It has been the best most consistant fansite I've used for the past 6 years. Now to a bit about me, Well I've played Runescape for 6 years, and been a member non stop for 5 1/2 years, I've had a lot of names on Runescape, the reason being I like to keep things fresh. I'm 138 combat, and I've just opened up a new PvM clan, unfortunatly with 3 members it's obviously difficult work finding players willing to join up, and help build the base. I previously was an Administrator in Silent Knight, however refusing to fight in a clan war got me demoted, I'm hoping to find some new friendly faces on this forum, and hopefully some mature and smart members that are able and willing to join in with my clan idea. I've been on youtube for a while, however haven't made videos for a while, Most if not all my videos are safe for minors, however I'm not fully conversed in Tip.it forum rules yet, so I won't be linking that channel yet.
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