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  1. I mean, not at PURO PURO.
  2. Does anyone know the best place to catch implings?
  3. Skyro


    I'm trying to do Regicide but whenever i go to Ibans cave to enter. Iban is still there and I can't enter. When I go to speak to the king he says what I have to do. But when I go back to the cave to see if it's been transformed it hasn't I don't know why. I have started the quest and am up to this bit and I'm confused.
  4. I already know it's 2 Red, and 2 Yellow. Not sure now.
  5. Hey, I am on the last part of RFD. Evil Dave, but how do I know what, and how much of each spice to put into the stew? PLEASE ASWER
  6. Hey, this will be my first time at frost dragons. Can you please tell me what inventory I need to be able to fill a war-tortis and my inventory with frost dragon bones. Stats: Gear: My Aura is: Greater Reverence.
  7. So at the end of the month we get the Experience or something?
  8. Hey Tip.it, I've read that you can get 1,000,000 Experience and really good bonus items and stuff, how do I do this? Thanks.
  9. How many Death, Cosmic, and Mind runes need to complete the whole livid farm?
  10. I need charms for 80 Summoning, I'm 71. I'd be happy to get charms with you, what would you preferr to do. Rock lobsters or Waterfiends?
  11. Thanks Lord Paul, massive help. :)
  12. Does it cost you any money to do it, or is it free?
  13. Thanks guys, and is it hard. Anyone got a video or a goon explanation on how it works?
  14. Bump: Could I please receive an answer on how long it takes to unlock everything in the Livid Farm.
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