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  1. Yes we play 2007 as well. Come chat in irc or in game 'tbecc' or on our forums. (Google "British Elites Runescape Forums")
  2. The British Elites (TBE) have a rich history as one of the most famous clans; established in 2004. TBE are a well respected clan and were often regarded in their history as the best warring/PK clan. In late 2007 TBE radically chose to become a community only clan and have continued to this day as a mature and friendly close knit clan. In March 2013 a decision was made to create a sub-clan called TBE2007 for those who either play both EOC and 2007 or just 2007. TBE2007 is totally open once more to PK/War if the 2007 community continues in this direction. HOWEVER, at this stage we are simply want to get to know you, welcome you, have fun and train with you until we achieve the strongest combat levels. Even if we become a warring clan, I'd like to strongly emphasis we will retain and value those who do not wish to PK. Welcome to TBE2007's thread! Information ------------- Home World: Old School 26 (326) Friends Chat: TBECC Team Cape: Wilderness Team 40 Total Members: Monthly average of 80 inc EOC. 2007 growing every day! Dedicated 2007 Members: 20 (Updated 6th March 2013) Communication Methods ---------------------------- Advertising Website: www.britishelites.com Dedicated TBE Forums: http://forums.britishelites.com Facebook: http://www..facebook.com/#!/pages/The-British-Elites/173107122744312?fref=ts YouTube: youtube.com/BritishElites Teamspeak: For members details on forums Internet Relay Chat: #TBE_LOBBY
  3. The British Elites have a growing 2007 community and you are welcome to join: 'tbecc' friends chat.
  4. I am pleased to announce with the opening of 2007 servers The British Elites will be returning to the 2007 PK/War arena whilst maintaining a strong 2007 based community clan. (This is an announcement/news for discussion and not a recruitment thread, I will create a seperate recruitment thread in the correct place.)
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