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  1. You have to complete the quest to get the barrows option on the teleport, when you get it in the quest It has about 2 teleport options; Burg De Rott and that vampyre infested place (forgot the name :P).
  2. Bump updated the whole thread, I suggest reading the original post. Currently getting 60 Firemaking :D
  3. Today I'm going to be working on some skills. I want to get every skill 30+ all I have left to get at the moment is Thieving and Agility, I also want to get some more quests completed.
  4. Yesterday I spent around 30m on supplies, I bought; 15000 Cooked Sharks 10x Rune Set 20x Dragonstone amulet (charged) 10x Dragon Sword 5x Dragon Axe 50k Chaos Runes 150k Air Runes 10x Rune 2 Hander 1000 Blood Runes
  5. Didn't know if this would count as a game so I just posted it here anyway. The game is simple, I will add a few images of items / NPC's from Runescape Classic and you have to guess what the item / NPC is. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  6. Last night me and my friend went to the King Black Dragon, I was blocking for him. We got 10 laws 10 bloods from the trip :P
  7. Completed the Mage Arena and obtained all the God Staffs as well as a guthix cape! Also reached 61 magic while doing the minigame!
  8. Was browsing the RSC trading section on the rs forums and someone posted this an hour ago, not sure if hes trolling or not but hes one rich guy :P Also been working on 60 magic for the God Spells, currently 56 magic !
  9. Thank you, and atm there's one guy who's bought pretty much most of the rares ingame so the prices are very unstable atm. I think I could get a H'ween for around 30-40m :)
  10. Decided to buy a H'ween mask when I see one being sold, it's been awhile since anyone has sold/bought a H'ween/santa as they are getting quite rare now. So next time I see someone with a mask I'm going to jump at the chance :D
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