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  1. The only reason you need to sign up is to see the steps.
  2. Fire R_A_G_E , That worked for a small amount of people with the issue we were having. This guide fixed it for a larger mount of people. :]
  3. Sbrideau, wyvren2000 said exactly what I was going to say. I heard a lot of people were having an issue connecting to a website that just changed. This has helped fixed many peoples issues, and I made this guide for noobs who couldn't do it there self :)
  4. This is guide on how to get websites working again First go to: www.opendns.com Now just do as the pictures tell you (the arrows point to what you need to click on) If you have any questions, or its not working for you, make a tip.it account and ask me about it on this post.
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