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  1. This fixed my problem, thanks a bunch. Wow. I owe you. Much Appreciated.
  2. http://i49.tinypic.com/2llfrmg.jpg Hello everyone, I started playing runescape again after an 8 month deployment to Afghanistan. After around 5-6 updates I installed, this is what im working with now. As you can see the right-side tools are visually glitched up and I dont know how to fix them. The stats for looking up players : the icons are not aligned with the number. The buttons to change from stats to ge lookups are completely covered up. I've played with my settings for days to reach no success. The very first time I launched swiftkit, I got a message about my "dpi settings" . I thought it was a stupid pop up and like an idiot, I closed it out instantly. I am running windows xp, and have reinstalled countless times. Please share your ideas for helping me fix this unaligned side of my screen. Its sticking out into my gameplay and Its really irritating me. Thanks in advanced
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