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  1. In the article about 10 things to know about your clan leader, the author stated that persons who play for extended periods of time seem to call up negative images of no life kids or young adults still living at home. Please realize that there is a growing market out there of retired folks who are not computer idiots, even though we didn't grow up with them. We are smart people who now have a great deal of time on our hands and we dont necessarily want to go play bingo with all those other gray heads. Even though we may have more in common with our parent's generation than the current crop of 15 plus somethings, we still find it rather fascinating to play computer games. The clan I currently belong to is lead by a lady who is in her 60's and I am also a contemporary of hers. The clan is well organized, has many mature people in it (many with children at home) and is rapidly rising in the clan ranks. It isnt easy being a good clan leader but I think I can at least point out a very good one I now know. Thanks Tip.it for the articles, just wish you would get on the stick about who all your audience now entails.
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