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  1. TUROTH TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME. Yes, indeed, my task is currently Turoth and what a task it is. I love Turoth but there's so many bots. Good for a bones to peaches tab strategy if you ask me. I hit 84 attack last night and so I am almost-almost, but not quite-at my short-term goal of VINE WHIP POWER
  2. Okay! After recruiting, changing my name to TsarVoltaire (I went russian, teehee) and using the promotionary tickets to score 83 slayer and 64 prayer, I am now already planning to use the next one for 68 summoning and 85 slayer. Derrrrrrrrrrrp. Current assignment? Why, it's Gargoyles. I skittered on down to Kuradel's dungeon to kill these rocky monstrosities and have earned (so far) Four rune full helms aaaaaaaaaaand 2 granite mauls. Not bad :D
  3. 82 slayer and still going strong! Taking a break to recruit for my clan, so I hope to see more posts :)
  4. Thank you all :) After a disasterous adventure into Social Slayer with clanmate Pikachu, I embark on my solo expedition to find and slay 81 grotworms. There's like, no bots... anywhere :o
  5. Okay! After completing the task of desert strykewyrms (which was my 210th task in a row) and counting out my lootz (total was 1051k) and berating my new clanmate for being mean, I have my new task of (gulp) Aberrant spectres. Time to pop on my royal dhide and go CRUSH SOME SMELLY SPECTRE BUTT! And with my goodluck charms from my besties, I'm ready to go :D
  6. Thank you very much. :D Having people to chat to is probably the best support system for an avid slayer like myself ^_^
  7. Herro ladies and gents. Thanks for taking the time to look at this thread :D I, x Aurelio x, will be working my way to my ultimate goal of 99 slayer. I'll post pictures of my slayer assignments and other interesting things along the way, answer questions and hand out tips if you need. So... I guess I'll get started with what I wear on my assignments, and then my stats. :o I always melee on my assignments, unless it's metal dragons. So I usually wear full Bandos, a slayer helm, dboots, a whip, a fury, and a ddef with a regen brace (not huge on questing for dem barrows gloves). When a task like Aberrant spectres means I have to switch to mage defence, I'll pop the Bandos off in favor of a Royal body/chaps combo with everything else. I'm so imaginative... and with my broad horizons... As for my stats I'm a fairly balanced player. 90 strength, followed by 85 mage, 82 attack, 81 defence and 80 ranged. My slayer level also levels off at a fairly decent 81 slayer, with 1 grand total of 32k to 82. So, I'mma get started posting. As soon as I figure out how to post pictures you can be sure I'll post some to spice up my thread. So thanks for reading, hope I see you again as I make my way to 99 slayer.
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