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  1. Wow, nostalgia shock reading through all of these posts! By the way;; I'm xx wyng xx. I was actively playing between '01-'03;; and played very occasionally (i.e. 3-5 days every 4 months) until '07 when I totally called it quits. I don't remember when I started playing, but it was definitely around the summer of 2001. I am sure Darkknight78 (#766) was my buddy's account, but he forgot his password, so he created another account and became xx matrix xx, shortly bringing me along for the ride. Well, I've never been a P2P, so my stats stay very modest. (I think I'm in the low level 80s last time I logged) Replying to Tameelf's post, b/c we were good RS friends at one point (hope you remember me XD) Anyways, I seriously don't remember my password, and I've moved on to much bigger and greater things in life, but glad to see at least 1 familiar name here!
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