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  1. Also, apparently bird snares do NOT have a chance to produce strange rocks, so you might want to stick to the other traps/falconry/Big Chinchompa. Good luck! Hunter rocks always take ages for me too.
  2. In step 5. "The Battle", it says to enter a hole in the western wall of the ruins where the cosmic altar is located. There's no longer a hole in the wall there, instead you need to enter a "Shady grove". I know how hard it is keeping the quest area updated -- y'all rock! Love, Blue
  3. Nyo! Good to see you again! :D And new forum account because a) new Runescape account, and b) forgot the pass and no longer use old e-mail. So what's new? (Besides basically everything in the game, holy fudgemonkey it's changed a lot!)
  4. Anyone who was around two years ago remember me? Bluehooloovo, a minor crewbie who rarely poked her head out of Blogscape, Forum Games, and Website Updates and Corrections. Well, I'm back and while my Blue Zombie toon is gone, I have a new one: Maethordis! Skilling, questing, lazing about... That's me! Hoping to get back into the Runescape/Tip.It groove, and this is obviously the best starting place. See y'all in the game soon!
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