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  1. Thronos Rokke Throne of Rock +18, Tier 4 citadel, Events orientated Hello and Welcome to Thronos Rokke. We are a renewing adult clan wishing to be a social group, but with goals in mind. After all, an idle mind is the devil's playground. LOL Our major requirements are, you must be +18 !!!! and a current member of Runescape. We have become an events oriented clan. Not the compulsory type, we hope all members will want to voluntarily participate in the group activities we plan. It's very simple. If you've wanted to raid the GWD, but didn't know enough people to form a team, or your level was just a little too low to feel comfortable trying it yourself, or you just don't want to solo, then join us. If you've never been to the Kalphite Queen, or want to take a shot at one of the elusive sigils, join us. If you want to wreck havoc on the Chaos Battlefield, without having worry about someone having your back, join us. You want to get your group on and mage some Glacors, or fake out some Tormented Demons, that's what we're here for. Basically, we're looking for experienced and new combat ready adults who are tired of soloing, can't solo, and have had enough of antagonizing kids, talking [email protected]#t to us cause they have more time to play and we have lives and jobs, and school, and kids. And we're not just about PVM either. We also hold events in various mini games. You want that Stealing Creation Shield? You want to raid some dungeons? Want to some support while you brave the Dominion Tower? We got you. You want some real advice on leveling, or skilling? We got you. You have some advice on getting those hunter levels? Come help us. You chugging after slayer levels? We're your team. The point is, we want a crew of reliable, fun, and battle ready adults to make the clan chat active and enjoyable while skilling, bossing, or just lazing around chit chatting about the latest game updates. Want to join? There is NO application. NO extensive chats, or long rule break downs. Since we all know why we're here, and what we want, why make me do all that writing, and you, all that reading? Just pop into our clan chat, and say hey. The Clan Chat: Thronos Rokke It's easy: Respect your team, they're the ones blessing your grave should you die. And keep extreme "f-bombing" to yourself. We don't have to go on cursing heavy rants to get our points across. And don't get $exually explicit in the clan chat. That's it. That's all. The Citadel We currently have a tier 4 citadel with an avatar. That means you don't have to toil painfully at the woodcutting plot to get it started. We've already done the hard part. All you have to do, is cap once a week to keep the bonuses and benefits coming. Current Skillplots: Woodcutting - Tier 4 Mining - Tier 4 (including stone, ore and precious ore) Firemaking - Tier 4 Smithing - Tier 4 Storehouse - Tier 4 (1700 resource cap each) Avatar buffs Skill bonus (3-6% bonus xp to every member on our homeworld) 10% skillplot bonus (faster capping in the citadel) Heal over time (heals members 2% of their max hp every 5 seconds) The avatar is beast in combat and skilling. A very noticeable difference. As all that adds up. The citadel is amazing weekly, free xp. And we have several skills you can choose from to get that xp in. The clan rings from capping give around an additional 17-20k xp in runescape, and don't forget the weekly fealty award also. The better our citadel gets, the better our individual xp will be. We are aiming for crafting, cooking, and summoning xp to be added to the citadel, which comes with higher tiers, so all help is needed to make this possible. Our skills I am the owner and my cb lvl is 132 +99 def +99 constitution all combat skills over 90 (range, mage, str, att, prayer) I own *Quest Cape *Fire Cape *Chaotic Rapier Several non-combat skills over 90, a few over 80 and 1 that is in the 70's. I will be at all events. All our other members have similar skill sets, some way better than mine, and some a little under mine. But together, we can take down anyone. So it doesn't matter if you're a pure or a jack of all trades. If you want to skill and skill and skill, or kill and kill and kill. We can do anything together. So, welcome to Thronos Rokke, the Throne of Rock, and hope you will join us, and become part of the people of the rock. Desir Rey - Owner Gandar White - Overseer MistyK White - Overseer STEELERSELITE - Overseer
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