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  1. I will say, this was quite a great weekened but honestly im sad to see its the last one ever since i know Jagex will be pushing more microtransactions and stuff. I got alot done actually for me. 94-96 Summoning - May not be alot but ive always wanted a pack yak, i really dont care much for the steel titan. Now i can finally remote bank stuff! 70-97 Construction - HUGE jump right there, i couldve gone for 99 maybe but honestly, I was tired and double xp was going to end soon. What have you achieved?
  2. The title of this quest guide never fails to make me laugh :) Ohh yea, liked the vid! :D
  3. Hey whats up guys! Decided to make a guide on the Halloween 2012 Event for the sum who didnt do it yet. I put so much information here about everything in the event. This took me a full day to make and Son Vegas gave me a big headache. I was wondering if you guys can watch it and leave me what you think and if you have any comments or suggestions! Also, if you do like it, please press that "Like" button, it encourages me to continue! Heres the guide by the way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtmYhNMFkFg There may be scenes where the clip is cut-off, I have no idea how that happens since when im editing in Vegas, it does not show that but when I render it, it does that. Really hope you guys can comment/like/fav, etc.... Thanks!
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