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  1. How can I beat Monkey Madness with a 10 hp account? I have 30 atk and 30 strength and 13 magic.
  2. Heh that's a great idea. Thanks. You owed me though since it was because of your waterfall quest post that I died :(
  3. I just lost all my Stronghold of Security cash :(. How should I make that back?
  4. What was the best pure in 2007? I'm thinking rune pure.
  5. How does it compare to Karil's and etc. for general GWD and PvM?
  6. I used Bloodfire Blitz, which does the same damage as Fire Surge.
  7. Minimum requirements: 80+ Magic 70+ Defence 40+ Prayer Recommended: 95+ Magic 70+ Defence 70+ Prayer Gear and Inventory: The aura used is Penance. Strategy: First three phases: The moment you go in, use Penance, take a sip of Antifire and your magic potion. Activate Protect from Range, and Augury if you have it. Move to the left of the middle artefact for the first three phases. Get enough Adrenaline to use Momentum for the first 3 phases. When the QBD uses her fire wall attack, switch to your wand and Dragonfire shield. When the attack is over, switch to your staff. And so on. To deal with the tormented souls for the first three phases, run right through them the moment they say something. That will force their attack to hit them rather than you. Make sure to kill the worm this phase as well, since this phase is easy. Last phase: Use the same strategy as you would with the wand, shield and fire wall in the first three phases. Hang out on the sides of the area; the QBD's extreme fire breath attack is dangerous even with the Antifire and DFS. Once the QBD gets to half health, or changes her carapace so that she becomes vulnerable to magic, just stop using Momentum and unleash everything you have on her. Ignore the worm this phase. When you get to the fourth phase, don't bother with running through the tormented souls. Just focus on killing them with your staff.
  8. What's the best way that could get me to 70 thieving? I heard some things about blackjacks but I'm a bit lazy to do quests right now. Thoughts?
  9. Rock Barrage or Blitz? Is it necessary to use Barrage? Won't I take too much damage anyway?
  10. Trying out Miths how. Never heard of Dagannoths being used for training in Waterbirth before. How would I go about doing that?
  11. What's the best thing to train to 99 magic from 96 on? Other than Glacors.
  12. Has anyone checked whether they work together or not? Is it worth getting Elite Void over Armadyl's now?
  13. Hey everyone. Do you guys think Armadyl is going to keep rising or will people realize that it's the same as Karil's except for degrading and prayer eventually and drop?
  14. Now that dungeoneering solo exp rates got buffed, what's the best way to power train it to 80? I only have 10 dungeoneering.
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