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  1. Thank you for that information, I did notice there was an update however didn't realize it was about that. I'll try the quest again now. Btw, the requirement was to "partially complete" the quest. I have just tried to continue the quest again and I am getting the same response.
  2. I have read the crane schematic many times. I even read it near the anvil to see if it made a difference, yet the claw is still locked. I'm starting to wonder if this may be a bug or something i'm unluckily experiencing.
  3. Hi. I'm currently doing the elemental workshop II quest. So far I have got to the part where I must fix the 4 machinery, however when I come to make the claw for the crane, it won't let me. In the requirements it is saying I haven't completed the quest enough in order to make the claw, so I did the other 3 yet it still will not allow me to make it. I've tried turning on/messing with the different machinery to see if I missed anything and I've repeatedly looked through the quest journal and guide that you guys provided yet I'm still unable to make this claw. Thanks for reading, I hope you can help me out!
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