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  1. Paying someone 100k to take screenshots of dog lvl, monk lvl, and rewards from "priest of peril" and post on here. we shall both be credited.
  2. how do i do a screenshot? lol im not so great with technology
  3. hey just did the priest in peril quest and just wanted to note that now the lvl of the dog u must kill is lvl 48, and for the key the monks are lvl 34. also now as a reward you also get 2 spins on squeal of fortune. ;) -Red Shaolin
  4. hey wanna thank you both i have done both these things and now runescape is running smooth :D thanks.
  5. hey runescape all of a sudden wanted another java update i got the latest update and runescape still wont load. anybody here tech savvy got tips plz :D
  6. hi im trying to buy a dragon plate for 6.2mil but cant seem to find anyone who has one
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