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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. What's on my mind? The top-half of my head of course!

  3. Hello Everyone! My name is Sam and my RSN is IceyNut. I'm quite interested in creative writing and expressing my thoughts and I'm happy to see this blogging feature, so I'll be sure to put it to good use! Since becoming part of the W71 Penguin Whisperers community I've found that I'm more knowledgeable about what's around me during my adventures in Gielinor. Not only do I know the whole map upside-down (well... kind of), but I am also more aware of communities. I started RuneScape as the sort of person who didn't really know much about the game at all and being part of a community lead me to who I am today... an absolute nut! I've been part of the Penguin Whisperers for almost 2 years now, and since then I've grown to be a part of the clanning world too. I'm currently in the clan 'Friendship' which is a Social & Community clan but we are always there to offer help and support when we can. I've taken many roles within the clan and it's allowed me to know more people in the clan community and the D&D community. Caption: Clan 'Great Orb Project' We do various events each week in Friendship, and one of my favourites is Clan GOP. I haven't been to it for a while, I really should because it's a great activity and one of the most popular for the clan. When I played in the past I would take screenshots and post them to the clans social networking page. It was to show that I was really fond of GOP, I still am but I find myself in the middle of something while GOP is happening. Caption: Herding a penguin, when a second turns up! I don't know what you'll make of that. If there were two of me then it'd be lucky because I would be able to herd the second to a trap as well as the one I was already with. Luckily though another penguin herder came to save the day. If not then, yes it would've been lucky that I'd found it but when herding penguins you develop a sense to not want to let them go. :P Luckily though a penguin herder did come to my rescue. ;) Caption: Herding in Rellekka Believe it or not I started herding this penguin by myself, and of course we all ask each other for help if we're not busy. As a little experiment I asked as many herders as possible for help. They all came! This was quite a fun herd indeed. I'll leave you with the result of the "after-herd". A cakey mess! Caption: The war of cakes! ~IceyNut
  4. I'd like to see it back too; if we get it up and running and try and feature it then it might even bring back more life into the forum section. :)
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