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  1. Nice article. When I look at my motivation for playing Runescape, I want to attain 99 in all skills; that being said, I am not against any boost / edge I can get! I remember when I first started playing longed for the day when I could do "x". That time would come and then I would long for something else: for me the further you go, the more you have to go. As I am really in the middle as far as experience goes, lvl 1849 in skills, I really don't know yet where I can find huge chunks of experience. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong place :). All I know is I am trying to get to lvl 88 in smithing: and I have 2.6 million exp to go: whether I can get double exp or not, it will still take a while :))
  2. I would consider myself in the whining category pre EOC. I was not looking forward to the change; much directly related to the updates and how they slow down my game play. Now that the update is here, and as I am learning the art of combat better, I actually like the change. There are some things I don't like and some of the game play is more burdensome; but that is probably because I haven't figured it out yet. Haven't tried a quest yet so I have little trepidation with that..........
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