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  1. I got lured 300k (not a lot but still I am pissed) And he let me kick his butt a bit said he was poor. Though we were just messing around we went on a 300k stake each. We fight he pulls like double vestas or 1 vesta and a mystery sword. owning me. So mad. Jagex needs to let us see our dueling enemy's invs.
  2. The runescape economy is the players' faults. Rs isn't trash it is its players problems. Even though I see a lot of bots just getting crushed by a fist out of nowhere I still get annoyed that the person botted in the first place. Now combat bots are even easier to find! Because of an exact pattern of combat that before you assumed was eating or potion taking or private chatting. Eoc is actually one of the best things that has happened to rs. For 1. All these ragers don't even play the game they just forum spam. 2. the forums are like 400 -1000 players vs 100,000 + Daily players like 1% or less of the rs player base. And they wonder why Jagex ignores them. I have seen more benifets from these updates than cons. People say sof and sgs are trash ruining the game? Their profit goes towards rs3. Something players are excited for. I am honestly done with the forums on rs. The spam attacks etc. Are so annoying. I visit them from time to time to see server status' economy status, clan status etc.
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