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  1. iwwnu

    I gave up on combat.

    I must have over 100m in combat equiptment, and my level is 177, yet I loose to level 100's.. I don't understand the new combat system even after going through the tutorial.. Is it just me that thinks it's overly complex? And what are these special moves? Seems dumb.
  2. I first started playing Runescape in 2002, and I'm recently getting back into the game. My name is Josh, or you can call me iwwnu. I've had two accounts. Heroflame, and iwwnu. My first account, heroflame, got stolen from me unfortunately. So my replacement account is iwwnu. I used to do a lot of combat/slayer, however now with the new combat system I'm sticking to skilling. Some background on me, I live in the US in an apt with my fiance Daniel. I work at a company called GadgetGrave and we fix electronics. So if you ever have any mobile device questions I'm the guy to ask ;). Just found this forum and I've been looking for a good RS community seeing as 99% of in-game characters no longer speak. Hit me up! :-)
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