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  1. Let me start this topic with how I feel: :( :( :( Wait what? Where is the smiley icons I normally see on other forums?! There aren't any?! But, but... This is sooo confusing, I don't even know whether this is the correct forum or section! I can't even find the 'rules' of this forum... 1. Is this the official RuneScape Forums? 2. Where are the smiley icons? 3. Are the rules of this forums strict like the Uberstrike forums or are they loose like the Dead Frontier forums? 4. Can anyone tell me where to find the rules? 5. Can anyone provide me a full list of comparism between P2P and F2P? Skills items areas minigames and all that? 6. My free 14 day trial just ended, I have a load of items that are members in my bank, when I examine them they say "Please login to a member's world blah blah blah..." Do I take all these out and drop them or is there a way to sell them off on a F2P world? it isn't worth dreaming about getting a membership because my parents dissaprove about virtual spending. 7. Can anyone tell me where I can and where I can't go when I am not a member? 8. Why is this game so restricting? The stuff i get from the Wheel of Fortune are all useless to me... they are all member's stuff... Couldn't this game be fully F2P and just earn money by selling super powerful weapons rather than memberships like many other games? 9. Is there really day and night in RuneScape? Because the last time I visited Draynor it was obviously in the day but now it's all dark there, and how come it doesn't even look realistic, it doesn't have a sky, can't RuneScape have a proper sky? Edit: Found out that the smiley button brings up a smiley menu below, well that was confusing, I thought it would be a bar on the top.
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