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  1. Hello! What is Medici? We're actually called Medici Corporation, but don't let the second part of our name scare you. We're essentially a clan that likes to create services of various kinds for others to utilize. We're apart of a larger community called the "Businesses & Services" forum located on the RuneScape official forums. Medici was the first of its kind to be created and was the start of what inevitably led to Jagex creating the Businesses & Services forum. Throughout the years since Medici's creation (2004) we've had many different people and many different personalities come through our ranks but our commitment still stands strong. At the end of the day while we do enjoy creating services we're more of a family, a clan if you will, enjoying each others company, and everything else clans do. We do have events as well. In summary, if a clan centered around business interests you, Medici is the place to be! Here's a direct route to our thread in the Businesses & Services forum on the RuneScape Official forums. If you aren't aware, Jagex allows anyone to post now, even f2p, as long as they have at least 350 total level. Looking forward to seeing you at Medici. Volshen
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