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  1. I've seen so many threads on RSC and the RSOF saying that the clan world is dying. How is it dying? To me, it's just a small faction that's dying. The rest of the clan world seems to be alive and thriving. Technically speaking, when you say "the clan world is dying," you are basically saying that the collective for every single clan in RuneScape is dying. That means that not only is the PK/Warring community dying, but PvM, skilling, community, Dungeoneering, among other clans are also undergoing this slow, agonising necrosis. But this just isn't the case. It's just mostly PK/Warring clans I see going downhill. Jagex just announced that they're gonna be releasing two new skills and the Kalphite King, and already I see PvM and skilling clans on the RSOF going nuts about it. They're all clearly ecstatic and can't wait for these updates to be released. Community clans are just that, clans for a community. So long as there's a community to cater to, community clans won't die. Now from what I've heard from my friends who are obsessed with DG, the Dungeoneering community has been going downhill as of late due to the large amount of bots spamming FCs and people just leeching rather than actually raiding the floors, but the 100+ DG community is still somewhat tolerable. So how then is the clan world dying? I don't mean to offend anyone, but the clan world is no longer homogeneous and is now home to a diverse ecosystem of other clans. So before making such a brash statement like "the clan world is dying." take into account that it's not the whole collective of clans that exist in RS that's dying, rather it's a small faction of it.
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