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  1. We, the clan mates and online family, from the asylum known as Ljs Nut House, wishes for you to admit yourself to this fun loving, yet mature clan. We are normally mature enough to find ways to express ourselves with only mild oaths (damn, hell, etc. But please not 'F' bombs! Certain mid-level oaths {see our forum page on Runescape Quick Code: 90-91-683-63475128 } are not exactly allowed either), and we are looking for other like-minded individuals who will also support the clan, but also support the citadel, and the growth of both. Also mature persons interested and excited in growing with the clan, citadel and Runescape in general, rather than growing tired of those things.' We currently have a tier 4 citadel, with our next growth being mid-level Avatar area (we currently do not have Avatars at the moment though), and a tier 5 citadel. We help, encourage, and assist in many ways to our clan members/online family. We are drama limited, as we normally temporarily or permanently kick those who start drama and continue it past enough counseling and warnings to warrant it. This goes also for over use of spam, oaths that are not allowed and lack of participation with the citadel without a ‘pass’ from a key-level member of the clan. So….. Give a gander and reading of our forum page, give us a try and see if we’re a fit for you! Feel free to add ‘Lunacy_jewel’, ‘MMG Soli’, or ‘Chaotic Wolf’ to your friends list and private message one of us in game to get an invite. Or, likewise, feel free to be a guest in clan chat for however long you like to see if you’re a fit in the clan or not (come on in as a guest by using ljs nut house as the name and use /// to talk). Thank you for your time and patients, Lunacy_jewel (owner of Ljs Nut House)
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